Fresh Produce

Mushrooms Swiss Brown Kg
$0.02 per kg
Produce Reduced To Clear Ea
$1.00 per kg
Produce Reduced To Clear P/​Kg
$1.00 per kg
Pp-Apples Fuji 1kg
$3.00 each $1.20 per 100g
Walnuts 500gm
$6.99 each $1.40 per 100g
Df&​N-Turkish Delight 220g
$5.50 each $1.47 per 100g
Fc-Kale Slaw Pouch 250g
$8.50 each $1.70 each
Df&​N-Mango Slice 125g
$3.95 each $1.76 per 100g
Pumpkin Grey Whole P/​Kg
$1.95 per kg
Pumpkin Jap Whole P/​Kg
$1.95 per kg
Gg-Olive Oil Ev Classic 750ml
$14.90 each $1.99 per 100ml
Pumpkin Grey Cut P/​Kg
$2.00 per kg
Pumpkin Jap Cut P/​Kg
$2.00 per kg
Baby Roma Truss Tomatoes 250gm
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Tomatoes Red Little 200gm
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Df&​N-Papaya Spears Red 200g
$4.50 each $2.25 per 100g
Df&​N-Paradiso D/ Mix 300g
$6.95 each $2.32 per 100g
Gg-Be Classic Evoo 500ml
$11.90 each $2.38 per 100ml
Gg-Be Light Tasting Evoo 500ml
$11.90 each $2.38 per 100ml
Df&​N-Banana Chips 125g
$3.00 each $2.40 per 100g
Pears Packham Large Kg
was $4.95 $2.50 per kg
Wicked White Chocolate Flavoured Dip 130g
$2.50 each $2.50 per 100g
Df&​N-Crunchy Spicy Mix 200g
$3.90 each $2.60 per 100g
Carobana Honeycomb 180gm
$5.50 each $2.75 per kg
Df&​N-Pineapple Rings 180g
$5.00 each $2.78 per 100g
Sweet Potatoes Red Kg
$2.95 per kg
Oranges Navel Large Kg
was $5.95 $3.00 per kg
Df&​N-Fudge Allsorts 180g
$6.90 each $3.07 per 100g
Gg-Olive Oil Ev/​Garlic Infused 250ml
$7.90 each $3.16 per 100ml
Mixed Chilli 140gm
$4.90 each $3.50 per 100g
Avo Fresh Avo Chunk 160g
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Avo Frsh Cnky Avoca Seas 160gm
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Avofresh Avocado Soft Season 160
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Avofresh Soft Avocado 160gm
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Beetroot Loose Kg
was $5.95 $3.90 per kg
Mandarins Imperial
$3.90 per kg
Oranges Valencio Large Kg
$3.90 per kg
Potatoes Washed P/​Kg
$3.90 per kg
Onions Pickling Brown Kg
$3.95 per kg
Potatoes Brushed P/​Kg
$3.95 per kg
Watermelon Cut Kg
$3.95 per kg
Beans Green 175g
$3.99 each $3.99 per 100g
Carrots Loose
$3.99 per kg
Pears Borre Bosc Large Kg
$3.99 per kg
Oranges Blood Kg
$4.00 per kg
Df&​N-Lemon Pistacio 200g
$6.90 each $4.60 per 100g
Onions Brown Kg
$4.90 per kg
Potatoes Red (​Desiree) P/​Kg
$4.90 per kg
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