Fresh Produce

Chilli Green P/​Kg
$45.95 per kg
Gm-Roses Standard
$44.95 per kg
Beans Hand Picked
$39.95 per kg
Classic Assorted Bqt
$19.99 each
Grapes Red Seedless
$19.95 per kg
Grapes Green Large
$19.95 per kg
Garlic P/​Kg
$19.95 per kg
Cabbage Plain Whole
$18.95 each
$16.95 per kg
Mushrooms Flats Kg
$16.90 per kg
Mushrooms Cups P/​Kg
$16.90 per kg
$15.95 per kg
Small Arrangement
$14.99 each
Flowers Bunch
$14.99 each
Tomatoes Truss P/​Kg
$14.95 per kg
Tomatoes Roma Kg
$14.95 per kg
Eggplant Glasshouse P/​Kg
$14.95 per kg
Parsnips Kg
$13.95 per kg
Ginger P/​Kg
$13.95 per kg
Cabbage Chinese Whole
$13.95 each
Potted Succulent Basket
$12.99 each
Hanging Basket
$12.99 each
Cucumber Lebanese P/​Kg
$12.95 per kg
Capsicum Red P/​Kg
$12.95 per kg
Cabbage Red Each
$12.95 each
Brussel Sprouts
$12.95 per kg
Sws-Chicken Caesar Salad 300g
$12.00 each
Potatoes Washed 5kg
$11.95 each
Gg-Be Light Tasting Evoo 500ml
$11.90 each $2.38 per 100ml
Tomato Cherry & Grape Mix 450gm
$11.66 each
Potted Grevillea
$11.50 each
Potted Coprosma
$11.50 each
Raspberries Punnet 125gm
$10.95 each
Raspberries 125g
$10.95 each
Sws-Sweet Potato Salad 250g
$10.50 each
Sws- Greek Salad 300g
$10.50 each
Potted Ferns 13cm
$9.99 each
Tomatoes Gourmet Large
$9.95 per kg
Onions White Kg
$9.95 per kg
Onions Brown Large 5kg
$9.95 each
Pp-Dates 350g
$9.90 each $4.50 per 100g
Mushroom 500g P/​P
$9.90 each
Gg-Be Reserve Evoo 250ml
$9.50 each $3.80 per 100ml
Cabbage Pln/​Green Half Ea
$9.50 each
Sws-Cheese Salad 250g
$9.00 each
Sws- Egg Salad 250g
$9.00 each
Potted Kalanchoe 10cm
$8.99 each
Tomatoes 1kg P/​P
$8.95 each
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