Fresh Produce

Apples Envy Kg
$7.99 per kg
Apples Jazz P/​Kg
$6.90 per kg
Apples Red Delicious P/​Kg
$5.95 per kg
Apples Sundowner 1kg
$3.00 each
Aust Parsley Ea
$3.95 each
Avo Fresh Avo Chunk 160g
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Avo Frsh Cnky Avoca Seas 160gm
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Avofresh Avocado Lime Black Pepper 160gm
$5.99 each
Avofresh Avocado Soft Season 160
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Avofresh Soft Avocado 160gm
$5.99 each $3.74 per 100g
Baking Pumpkin 500gm
$3.90 each
Beanshoots 250g
$1.49 each
Brussel Sprouts 400g
$6.99 each
Cabbage Chinese Whole
$13.95 each
Cabbage Green Whole
$13.95 each
Cabbage Red Each
$10.95 each
Capsicum Baby Pre Pack
$3.99 each
Capsicum Vine Swt Mini 175gm
$3.99 each
Carobana Honeycomb 180gm
$5.50 each $2.75 per kg
Carrot Sticks 300gm
$3.99 each
Carrots 500g Bag
$1.79 each
Celery & Carrot Sticks 300gm
$4.50 each
Celery Sticks 300gm
$4.50 each
Chilli Red Long P/​Kg
$45.95 per kg
Chillies Red Small P/​Kg
$54.95 per kg
Chillis Red & Green Long P/​Kg
$24.90 per kg
Classic Assorted Bqt
$19.99 each
Coconut Drinking /​Green
$5.99 each
Coconut Drinking /​Green
$5.99 each
Coconut Ea
$5.95 each
Comm Co Asian Bowl 230gm
$5.50 each $23.91 per kg
Comm Co Garden Bowl 180gm
$5.50 each $30.56 per kg
Comm Co Sal Kit Coco&​Chl 270gm
$6.50 each $24.07 per kg
Comm Co Salad Bwl Grn God200gm
$7.70 each $38.50 per kg
Comm Co Salad Kit Mid Est380gm
$6.50 each $17.11 per kg
Comm Co Salad Swt Pt&​Chic200gm
$7.00 each $35.00 per kg
Community Co Sweet & Crunchy Salad 300g
$3.50 each $11.67 per kg
Df&​N Pistachio Nougat All Sort 200g
$5.90 each
Df&​N-Banana Chips 125g
$3.00 each $2.40 per 100g
Df&​N-Crunchy Spicy Mix 200g
$3.90 each $2.60 per 100g
Df&​N-Crystal Ginger 250g
$4.90 each
Df&​N-Fudge Allsorts 180g
$6.90 each $3.07 per 100g
Df&​N-Lemon Pistacio 200g
$6.90 each $4.60 per 100g
Df&​N-Macadamia Roast&​Salt 170g
$9.90 each $4.95 per kg
Df&​N-Mango Slice 125g
$3.95 each $1.76 per 100g
Df&​N-Mixed Nuts Roasted 225g
$6.95 each $5.56 per 100g
Df&​N-Papaya Spears Red 200g
$4.50 each $2.25 per 100g
Df&​N-Paradiso D/ Mix 300g
$6.95 each $2.32 per 100g
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