Fresh Produce

Baby Roma Truss Tomatoes 250gm
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Beans Green 175g
$3.99 each $3.99 per 100g
Beanshoots 250
$1.99 each
$14.95 per kg
Choy Bok Baby Ea
$3.95 each
Comm Co Butter Let & Spin280gm
$5.00 each $17.86 per kg
Community Co Baby Potatoes Steamer Tray 400g
$4.50 each $11.25 per kg
Community Co Fresh Stir Fry 400g
$4.00 each $10.00 per kg
Corn 2 Pack Ea
$5.90 each
Corn Baby Pre Pack 115gm
$4.90 each
Cucumber Green P/​Kg
$6.90 per kg
Dates Dried Medjool P/​Kg
$18.90 per kg
Df&​N-Coconut Rough 175g
$4.90 each
Eggplant Lebanese Baby Kg
$8.90 per kg
Fruit Salad Tub Large
$6.00 each
Gourmet Garden Lemon Grass 80gm
$4.65 each $5.81 per 100g
Grapefruit Ruby Red P/​Kg
$5.95 per kg
Leeks Trimmed
$5.90 each
Lettuce Baby Cos Twin Pk
$4.90 each
Lettuce Red/​Green Oak Ea
$5.95 each
Mandarins Honey Murcott P/​Kilo
$5.95 per kg
Mint Bunch Ea
$2.99 each
Mushroom 200g P/​P
$5.90 each
Mushrooms Sliced 200gm
$4.99 each
Onions Pickling Brown
$3.95 each
Onions Pickling Brown Kg
$3.95 per kg
Onions White Kg
$8.90 per kg
Oranges Navel 3kg
$7.90 each
Pears Borre Bosc Large Kg
$3.99 per kg
Pineapple Tub Large Ea
$5.00 each
Plums Black/​Red Kg
$8.95 per kg
Potatoes Desire 5kg
$9.90 each
Pp- Potato Desiree 2kg
$6.50 each
Pp-Apples Red Delicious 1kg
$4.90 each
Pp-Apples Royal Gala 1 Kg
$4.90 each
Pp-Garlic Peeled 110g
$3.00 each
Pp-Tomatoes 700g
$6.90 each
Pumpkin Grey Whole P/​Kg
$1.95 per kg
Spinach English Bunch Ea
$4.90 each
Toffee Apple Each
$2.49 each
Tomatoes Red Little 200gm
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Turnips White Loose Kg
$4.99 per kg
Walnuts 500gm
$6.99 each $1.40 per 100g
Wicked Choc Flavour Dip 130g
$2.50 each
Wild Rocquette 120g
$4.95 each
Alfalfa Mung Bean Sprouts 125g
$3.99 each
Apple Kanzi P/​Kg
$7.00 per kg
Apple Royal Gala P/​P
$5.99 each
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